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The31 is committed to respecting the privacy rights of users to its website. This privacy policy explains how we collect, store and use your personal data when you browse the31.fretsy.com/shop/The31Atelier website, shop with us or otherwise provide your personal data to us.

This Policy provides you with details about the types of personal data that we collect from you, how we use your personal data and the rights you have to control our use of your personal data.

For the purposes of the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679, the “GDPR”), The31 is the “data controller” (as defined in the GDPR) of personal data, when it determines the purposes and means of the processing of personal data.


Declaration of Commitment Privacy and Personal Data Protection of The31

 A fundamental commitment of The31 is the protection of the privacy and personal data of everyone, who in any way is connected to The 31 (customers, users of services, staff, partners and others).

As mentioned in this Privacy Statement, “The31’s customer” means any former, current or potential customer or user of a product or service offered by an The31 affiliate or brand, any visitor to any of our official websites or stores and any member of a loyalty program or community.



The31 demonstrates its commitment to privacy and data protection by adopting the following principles.

The31 uses personal data in a lawful, fair, correct and transparent manner.

The31 only collects necessary personal data and for legitimate purposes only.

The31 retains only the necessary data and never longer than the required period.

The31 protects personal data with appropriate security measures.


Why do we process your personal data?

We use and process your personal data if, for example, you buy our products online, visit our website or contact our customer service. Personal Data may be a full name, address, email address, telephone number, social security number, payment information, purchase, order and usage history, IP address, member ID and other information relating to the situation (e.g. information you provide when contacting our customer service).

In each section present in this privacy statement will be indicated the purpose of each processing of information.

We will process your personal data for the following purposes:

  • To manage your registration as user of the platform;
  • For the development, performance and execution of the purchases of the services contract that you executed with us on the flatform;
  • For remarketing;
  • Analysis of usability and quality to improve our services.


Who is responsible for processing your personal data?

The31 is the main controller of the processing of personal data under this privacy statement.

Since the The31 is made up of different legal entities, the entity responsible for processing your data depends on the situation in which your personal data is collected. The31 is responsible for the processing of personal data described in all sections of this Privacy Notice, except where it is explicitly stated that The31 is not responsible for the processing of your personal data. In each specific section, you will find information on the allocation of responsibilities and the modalities for the execution of rights.

The following entities will act as Data Controllers with respect to you:

Identity of the controller(s) of the The31:

The31 branch in France

Adresse: 120 Rue Camille Groult, 94400 Vitry-sur-Seine, French.

Available hours: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, from Monday to Saturday.

Email: contact@the31.fr


The The31 controller(s) above is/are referred to individually or collectively as “The31” or “we” in this Privacy Policy.

In some cases, the responsibility for data protection and your privacy is shared with third parties, such as banking and financial institutions, postal services or electronic communication providers. Further information can be found in each of the sections of this privacy statement.


Where do we process your data?

The personal data we collect is generally stored in a country within the European Union or the European Economic Area (“EU/EEA”) but may also, if necessary, be transferred to and processed in a country outside the European Union. EU/EEA. This type of transfer of your personal data will be carried out in accordance with applicable laws and without prejudice to your statutory rights.

From time to time, your personal data may be transferred from the EU/EEA to a third country not deemed safe by the European Commission for this type of transfer (adequacy decision). Where applicable, The31 will use the Standard Contractual Clauses to ensure a level of protection similar to that granted in the EU/EEA or other lawful grounds for transfer.


Who may access your personal data?

Your personal data is available and accessible by the people who need this data to carry out their mission. To the extent necessary, your personal data may be shared with independent third parties.

In addition, we may disclose personal data to third parties if we have reason to believe that the use or disclosure of such information is necessary or desirable to: (I) investigate possible violations of the law; (II) identify, contact, or bring legal action against someone who may be violating an agreement they have with us; (III) investigate security breaches or cooperate with government authorities in connection with a legal matter; or (IV) protect our rights, safety, or property, including to prevent fraud.

We reserve the right to transfer any personal data we have about you in the event that we merge with a third party or are acquired by a third party, if we undergo another business transaction such as a reorganization.


What are the legal conditions for data processing?

The31 is not permitted to collect, process, use, store etc. personal data without a valid legal basis. Legitimacy may derive from your consent, a contract, statutory obligations or our legitimate interest as a business. For each specific process of processing the personal data that we collect from you, we will inform you of the legal basis that will apply and the rights that you are entitled to exercise, if the provision of the personal data is statutory or required for enter into a contract and whether it is mandatory to provide personal data and the possible consequences if you choose not to share it.


Your rights on your personal data

The right to request access:

You have the right to request information about the personal data we hold about you. You can contact Customer Service who sends your personal information by email.


The right to data portability:

Where The31 processes your personal data by automated means based on your consent or agreement, you have the right to obtain a copy of your data transferred to you or to another party in a structured and common format. This only concerns the personal data that you have transmitted to us.


The right to request from us rectification:

You have the right to request the rectification of your personal data if it is inaccurate, including to complete your incomplete personal data.

If you have an The31 account, you can modify your personal data in your account page.


The right to request us delete your data:

You have the right to erase your personal data processed by The31 at any time. Your application may be blocked if one of the following situations applies:

*you have an ongoing matter with Customer Service

*you have an order in progress which has not yet been delivered or which has been partially delivered

*you have an outstanding amount to pay at The31, regardless of the payment method


The right to oppose the processing of your data on the basis of a legitimate interest:

You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data on the basis of a legitimate interest of The31. Th31 will stop using your personal data unless we demonstrate the appropriateness of the use of your data which overrides your interest and your rights or for legal reasons.


The right to determine the processing of your data after your death:

You have the right to set guidelines for the retention, deletion and disclosure of your personal data after your death. These guidelines can be general or specific.


The right to request to obtain restriction of processing:

You have the right to request that The31 restrict the use of your personal data in the following circumstances:

* if you object to processing based on The31’s legitimate interest, The31 is required to suspend all processing of this data pending verification of the legitimate interest.

*if you declare that your personal data is inaccurate, The31 must limit the processing of this data pending verification of the accuracy of the personal data.

*if the processing is illegal, you can oppose the deletion of personal data and request the limitation of the use of your personal data

*if The31 no longer needs the personal data but it is necessary for the defense of legal claims.


The right to complaint to a supervisory authority:

If you have any complaints about the way The31 handles and protects your personal data and privacy, you have the right at any time to lodge a complaint with French Data Protection Agency (Commission Nationale Informatique & Libertés – CNIL) or any other competent supervisory authority in the country of residence.


How to exercise your rights?

We do not take data protection lightly. If you wish to exercise your rights as defined above or if you have any questions about our privacy policy or our processing of your data, you can contact us at any time at contact@the31.fr

If you have an The31 account, you can exercise your rights of access, portability and rectification in your account pages, where you can also delete your account.


Children’s Privacy

We do not and will not knowingly collect information from any unsupervised person under the age of 13. For the processing of the personal data of a child below the age of 13, the consent of the holder of parental responsibility is necessary. We shall make reasonable efforts to verify in such a case that consent is given or authorized that way, taking into consideration available technology.


Links to other website

To enhance your shopping experience, our Website may include links to other sites. Those websites will have their own privacy policies that you may wish to review. The31 has no responsibility for these linked websites.



Why do we use cookies?

The31 uses cookies to establish traffic statistics (number of visits, page views, abandonment during the order process) to monitor and improve the quality of our services; to adapt the presentation of our website to the display preferences of your terminal; as well as to personalize your user experience, perform analytics and serve you personalized advertisements on our websites, apps and newsletters information on the Internet and via social networks.


How to withdraw your consent to the use of cookies?

You can deactivate your non-essential cookies, known as non-technical cookies, at any time by withdrawing your consent. You manage your cookie consent in the Cookie Settings at the bottom of this website.

In addition to withdrawing your consent, you can easily prevent your browser from accepting cookies by configuring your browser’s cookie settings.

All common web browsers have a cookie management feature.

Please check in your web browser how to delete or disable cookies etc.

If you decide to disable cookies, the functionality of the site or application may be limited and the quality of your experience as a user deteriorated.


Updates to our Privacy Policy:

Our Privacy Policy may need to be updated. The latest version of the Privacy Policy is always available on our site.

Revision history is listed in the Changes section of this Privacy Policy.