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Question Do The31 give a discount for large orders?

We are a wholesaler and always welcome large orders! We would be very happy to give discounts for special orders. Don’t be shy – give us a call!

Question Can I change or cancel my order before it’s despatched?

If you want to change or cancel your order please contact us as soon as possible. You can read more at

Question When will my order be confirmed and my card charged?

You will first receive an automatic order acknowledgement email. When we have finished processing your order, we send you a second email. We only charge your card when your order is confirmed.

Question How do The31 package my order?

After you receive our confirmation email, we attempt to package your item as soon as possible. Don’t worry, The31 always uses all material eco-friendly to package your order.

Question Why did I not get a confirmed email about my order?

A confirmation email will be sent within 24 hours after payment is completed.

We recommend checking your Junk/Spam mail folder as well.

Question My order has not arrived. What should I do?

Please contact us via email contact@the31.vn as soon as possible and we will find out where your order is.

Question Why has The31 changed to womenswear size?

We have listened to your feedback and have adjusted our sizes on Womenswear to be in line with the Europe size measurements. Please check and select your size according to measurements in the new size guide.

Question What material does The31 product use?

With The31, we attach great importance to the quality of our products, your good experience is our pride. 

Almost all of The31’s products are made of linen. Our linen is made of 100% natural imported from France, Netherland and traditional fabrics of Vietnam.

Besides, for the variety of fabrics, we also use the highest quality cotton to make our clothes, you can be assured that our cotton is soft and does not cause irritation to the skin.

Moreover, our products made from natural silk are also our special point.  We cherish each quality silk fiber to create the best products for consumers.

Question I heard a lot about Lanh A Silk but I have no idea where it came from?

Thank you for your curiosity about Lanh A Silk – a special fabric of The31. Lanh My A Silk is the traditional  material in Viet Nam. This fabric has been around for a long time and still exists today.  We are proud of our nation’s fabrics and want to promote them to friends around the world.

Lanh My A Silk is 100% hand – woven, from the most skilled workers, therefore it has a mysterious black color that no other fabric has.

Question My skin is super sensitive, should I wear your linen items?

Fortunately, we have many great opportunities to discuss with our customers about problems like sensitive skin. That is why The31 understands your concerns.

Firstly, you can rest assured about the quality of our fabrics, as we use state-of-the-art processing technology, which allows the fabric to glide smoothly on our customer’s skin, even after each wash, the quality of the fabric still as good as new, this advantage is very good when you use it with bras.

Secondly, the characteristic of the linen is its natural ability to absorb moisture, it helps to balance microclimate on your skin and some of our customers claim that it has even helped them with various skin conditions such as eczema!

We cherish you even if you have the most sensitive skin! Do not hesitate to use our products, the experience will exceed your expectations, certainly.

Question I am very afraid of itchy skin when using low quality fabric

The31 feels you! This problem depends on the growing conditions and harvesting techniques. After the product finishing stage, the fibers are of a very consistent diameter and all threads have no slabs. We use Baltic linen that is made from long equal fibers that gives finished fabric a smooth texture and appearance.

Moreover, the Baltic linen contains non-toxic ingredients, these things make the fabric more softer and the texture like satan.

Question Where is my order sent from?

We have both warehouses in France and Vietnam, most products will be shipped from France, however there will be a few exceptions where orders will be shipped from Vietnam.