Basic, refinement, and humanity are three entirely words to describe our design.

All products of The31 are meticulously designed in every seam. Moreover, with the fast pace of life, people always have to live in harsh conditions. The31 has launched designs that are both luxurious and elegant but still not outdated. Every single fabric is hand-woven in Vietnam and our linen is cultivated in France and the Netherlands. That’s why our product always brings comfort to the customer. However, it doesn’t stop there. The31 is proud to be a member of the sustainable fashion community. We concentrate deeply on the quality of our product, but still ensure the material is not harmful to the environment. Besides, we eliminate all kinds of plastics in the product packaging process. We believe that, with a slow, certain way, each of us will have more time to contemplate and feel. 

At the age of 29, she realized she was looking for some kind of balance.
But in order to have real experiences, she must know how to weave more!
To understand that core, you have to understand yourself, understand your experience.

Our Mission

The31’s mission is to create minimalistic designs to bring our customers a natural and peaceful lifestyle. Coming to us, in addition to quality products, the value and attitude of customer service are always put on top.