When we were young, we liked the rhythm of the fast life. Surrounded by everything new, dynamic, and colorful. But then we came to a point when speed and color was no longer as important and we could look beyond looks in search of the right person… we are getting ready to ‘’settle down’’. This stage of our lives often comes after we hit our 30’s. A time when we would rather stay at home on the weekends to enjoy a relaxing evening rather than going out to estaurants, cafes, or clubs. It’s also when we discover that we would rather pay more for a high-quality product that will last than trendy products that fall apart soon after we purchase them. We care more about the environment we live in and search out ‘’eco-friendly’’ products. Because we realize that we feel better when we are surrounded by high-quality, and sustainable products. We begin by redesigning our homes, to best represent ourselves and reflect our personalities. That is the goal and story behind our brand THE 31.


Your busy outside life does not need to enter your home life. Our designs are timeless which will follow customers through the years, also comfortable, breathable and allow movement to enjoy every day. We care enough to curate all essentials we think needed for your conscious lifestyle at home. That is the experience what we aim to provide to all of our dear customers. Our linen is cultivated in France and the Netherlands and all of our products are carefully designed and crafted in Vietnam. Our materials are exclusively plant-based, such as pure linen or organic cottons from India. In an effort to reduce waste for a better environment protection, we removed the use of plastics in our products and packaging. We hope to propose a natural and care-free experience to our customers. The 31 aims to gather a community of like-minded individuals that want to invest themselves in a natural and peaceful lifestyle. We prefer to concentrate on quality rather and quantity. We strongly believe that quality means beautiful, durable and sustainable products. And we hope you can join us in this beautiful and interesting journey so join our mailing list or visit our social channels where we share our ideas on how we can walk gently on this plane.

At the age of 29, she realized she was looking for some kind of balance.
But in order to have real experiences, she must know how to weave more!
To understand that core, you have to understand yourself, understand your experience.